Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Are Egypt Tours Safe For Female Travelers?

After the attacks of recent years and Isis constant threats, travel is not easy and quiet as before, not only in Egypt but also in Italy, but that does not mean we should give up and do barricade ourselves at home. The danger is everywhere, but if we live in fear and remain locked in the house we only give up the most beautiful part of life: traveling!

Is Egypt dangerous?

Although security in Egypt has been and will continue to be a very controversial issue, tourism, representing more than 12% of the economy of the country, is the aspect that most wants to take care of the government.

In Egypt, tourists are one step above the rest of the population and the police are to pamper us (and ask us for some other tip). There is a particular type of police, the tourist police, who are especially responsible for ensuring that the traveler is safe at all times.

Egypt Tours safe for all travelers- Safety on excursions

Since the bombings in Luxor on 17 November 1997 to a group of tourists on the Egypt tour to Abu Simbel, this and other road trips are escorted by the police. Although what we say may scare, it serves to get an idea of how Egypt has evolved to care for its primary source of income.


Everyone will try to get you the maximum money and can be overwhelming at the time of haggling or tips; they can even intimidate. You can ask for alms but remember that with your laws, stealing is much more punished.

The 'harassment' of foreign women in Egypt

Egypt is a country governing traditions, customs and very different from the Indian laws. On the one hand, the consumption, possession or trafficking of drugs are severely punished. On the other hand, dressing inconspicuously or making a public expression of affection can be seen as socially reprehensible acts. Far away, there is the myth that foreign women, especially blondes, may suffer harassment of men.

This obviously is not true. Harassment referred is not sexual but kind rather commercial. In these countries, it is common for merchants, in order to obtain a sale, to be heavy, urging tourists to buy, by means of calls, shouts and other samples that may seem to us to be stalkers in our eyes, but it is only to exercise a little of pressure to get them to buy them.

Keep the dress code in mind

Dressing properly and respecting the customs and culture of the place, women, whether blond or brunette, are treated the same as men and, if you are a foreigner and tourist, be assured that you will be "harassed" alike, but so that you buy something.

The stay in Cairo, in Alexandria and the big cities in general, are considered risk-free. Basically, Egypt Tours are safe for all travelers. However, this is subject, of course, to avoid certain neighborhoods and gatherings (any traveler wants to take part in a political demonstration?) It is the appropriate course to follow the usual dress recommendations - on this last point, special attention is given to women.

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